We are practitioners of Ninjukai Taijutsu - and Ninjukai Taijutsu is BU-DO. Bu-do is often wrongly translated as "martial art". In essence Bu-Do means "human spontaneity as it relates to the Do or Nature". It is about the blending of the man's mind with his body as he learns to respond to his surroundings. Your opponent is looked upon as also a part of your surroundings. This is where modern martial arts have gone astray. They become just another fighting form where emphasis is placed purely on physical excellence in tournaments or perhaps another exercise form where the students routinely go through a set of rigid exercise movements known as katas. The almost complete neglect of the mind in martial training is appalling.

  This web-site is our way of informing you about what Ninjukai Taijutsu is, the comprehensive adult syllabus - from Novice to Black Belt, the way we teach our younger members and our ongoing roster of activities. Please browse through and gain an understanding of how "bu-do" can develop the whole person and not just feed the ego.



About Ninjukai will give an overview of the Art, its History, the Syllabus & the Shihan.

Meditation shows an insight into Tao Meditation and Thought. This aspect takes the art from a merely physical activity to a journey of spiritual enlightenment.

Juniors talks about our Children's Syllabus. Giving young people the opportunity to experience Budo, the balance of mind & body, sets them on a path of personal growth that isn't dependent on "being #1 or being a failure".

Junior Camps links you to information about our Annual Junior Camps. A one-day event allowing us to show our junior members how their techniques learnt in the dojo can be taken outside into a more random environment.

Displays and Workshops is about our Sokudo Squad. A team of Ninjukai members who do displays for schools, charity events & council fairs. For twenty years this team has taken the art to the public and photos of recent & past events can be viewed within. Our squad also conducts customised workshops for corporate groups or schools.

Instructors gives information about our teaching program. Senior Ninjukai students join the ICP (Instructors Certificate Program) to broaden their understanding of the syllabus. Through this program we can ensure the quality of instruction received by our students.

Camps details our Annual Bush Camps. These one or two-day events takes the senior members into a natural bush setting, away from the predictability of the Dojo. In this environment students learn how to become spontaneous with their techniques and approach to the world. Look inside for photo's from previous camps.

Social Events looks into our regular Awards Ceremony's. These functions are get-together's where members & guests enjoy a meal, light entertainment and receive grading certificates. Follow the link for details of the next event or past functions.

Classes sets out the regular Class Schedules for formal and informal training.

Calendar gives an overview of scheduled activities within the Dojo.

Articles is an interesting archive of Newspaper & Magazine clippings concerning Ninjukai Taijutsu. Ranging from our Arts role in the community -- to the Shihans thoughts on Martial Training, these pages are worth a visit.

And finally, Contact Us gives details of finding & getting in touch with the Dojo to enquire about classes, displays or workshops.



——Latest News——

We are at a new premises but the art remains the same.
Ninjukai Taijutsu is now based at 10 Boag Road, Morley.
Enquiries and existing members can contact us for more details through the Contact Us link.
Remember that this new location is the only place where traditional Ninjukai is taught in Australia.

——Some Previous Activities——

Awards Dinner & Entertainment 'N-Tube'

Held on the 20th Feb 2010 at the Osbourne Park Bowling Club, members and guests enjoyed an evening of Displays, Quizzes, Humorous Presentations and Certificate Presentations. Follow the links for photo's of the event.

Hyde Park Community Fair 1st & 2nd March 2009

Under the trees and next to the lakes was a great place for a fair. For two days our Sokudo Squad manned a stall where we trained, did mini-displays and performed on the main-stage.

City of Perth Family Night, Gloucester Park 20 Feb' 2009

Our Display Squad traveled down to the foreshore to participate in the City of Perth Family Night at Gloucester Park. Daylight saving provided a well lit evening arena where we displayed the art of Ninjukai Taijutsu.

WAI-CON 2009 , Anime Convention 01 Feb' 2009

Amongst a variety of colourful anime characters our Sokudo Squad members actually blended into the crowd at the Perth Convention Center. We hosted a stall all day and held a one hour display at the main theatre that was very well received.


The kanji below was inked by the Shihan many years ago and remains a constant guide of the interwoven nature of the physical and spiritual aspects of the art of Ninjukai Taijutsu.

Remember, this is the official site of the Australian Ninjukai Association Inc, a non-profit organisation. This site is not designed to be a sales site where the undertone is to impress you at all costs. This site hopes to establish itself as an information site - where facts, research and write-ups will be presented truthfully and accurately.

Renshi Steve Smith Chunin David Frank N.Jonin Richard Fisher

Many thanks to Renshi Steve Smith, 1st Dan, (left) for creating this website, and to Chunin David Frank (centre) for revamping it. Changes and updates from 26/06/08 are currently being provided by N. Jonin Richard Fisher (right).


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