BU-DO "A Warriors Spontaneity & Adaptation"

 Amongst the tall trees and green scrub members gathered before 9 a.m. for what was to be a beautiful day in the bush. After a leisurely warm-up each clan gathered together and headed off into the bushland for their first exercises. The morning was taken up experiencing the Way of Strength as members negotiated natural obstacles, manipulated small boulders and hauled around their clan-mates in individual and team efforts.

After a short break the Way of Techniques began, each clan group explored their unarmed and weaponry techniques amongst the trees, with targets strung out to be attacked as they negotiated rough ground and encumbering surroundings. They also experienced multiple attack situations within the bushland setting, being encouraged to consider and use their environment to even the odds and improve their situation.

A hot cooked lunch recharged worn participants before the Way of Harmony began. Back into the bush to look at stealth techniques and perception. In the stealth exercise members were encouraged to work in small squads to distract roaming 'samurai' and steal the treasures being guarded, anyone caught was wounded and had to be carried back to base. In the perception exercise the 'samurai' were blindfolded and relied on a web of ropes to detect intruders movements. This culminated in assessments to gain points for each clans overall point tallies as the 2nd Dan Black Belts watched over every event writing down their observations of the members activities.

By 5 p.m. it was all finished, everyone gathered together for a summing-up by Shihan John Ang who watched-over every moment of the day. The younger members were finally tired out, the older members were pleased that they made it through the day and talk of next years event had already begun. Thanks to all who participated in the Annual Bush Camp 2008 and made it a well attended and successful day.

Here are some photos of the days events;