The 2000 Forest Retreat

The Forrest Retreat 2000 was held on Sunday 15th Oct 2000 at the Paxwold Camp Site Mundaring. To say the least the site was impressive and suitable to our needs. It provides the members with a very natural 'bushland' setting. The Retreat was very well attended with all the 90 vacancies taken up. The Organising Committee would advise members to book early in future Forest Retreats to ensure a place. The Organising Committee was headed by Sensei Yari Kostecki. He was ably assisted by N. Jonin Dina King and Jonin Kare G. Park.

The Forrest Retreat is an annual affair. It constitutes a very significant part of our training. The Shihan often reminds us that Ninjukai Taijutsu training is not about the mere understanding of techniques; it involves the understanding of the whole universe. Martial arts today emphasise on nothing more than sheer physical prowess. But this is not the direction that Ninjukai Taijutsu would want to take. The development of the mind and spirit must not be sacrificed for the glamour of physical achievements. The Forrest Retreat therefore serves to re-remind the members of the importance of blending the Yin with the Yang in their training. It gives members an understanding that Ninjukai training goes beyond the physical confines of the Dojo

-----Sensei Yari Kostecki

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