Annual Forest Workshop 2007

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When: Sunday 27 May 2007, 9am - 4:30pm
Location: Allan Anderson Park
, Cnr Lawnbrook Rd & Pomeroy, Walliston/Lesmurdie

The sun had barely risen as members and guest assembled. Many still finishing off a steaming takeaway coffee or tea. In short order the Sensei's gathered up groups of people and took them off for warm-up jogs or stretches. As circulation began in waking bodies the members broke-up into skill groups to be taken by a Black Belt who would allow them to expand their techniques outside the confines of a training hall. The day saw throws, kicks & strikes, locking techniques and weapons explored. With occasional light drizzle no-one wanted to give up and as a result gained training experience in determination and perseverance. With fruit and a hot lunch to fuel the participants, the day was long but rewarding.

Here are some photos from the Workshop
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