Sokudo Demonstration:
City Of Perth Fitness Week 2006

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A display in the heart of the city, promoting fitness and wellbeing.

Bo vs Tonfa
Chunin Jay Pierre with Bo vs. Jonin Trent Mitchell with Tonfa

Jonin Trent finishing off Chunin Jay with a Bokken

As part of the Sokudo Squad's ongoing activities within in the community, the Sokudo Squad took part in the City of Perth annual Fitness Week expo in Forrest Chase, in the heart of Perth city.

Aspects of the art demonstrated in the display included meditation, locks, throws, weapons, Nito (dual wielding weapons), and weapons sparring.

Participating in the display was Genin Scott Fairclough, Genin Lewis Todman, N. Chunin Jay Pierre, N. Chunin Daniel Mendel, Jonin Trent Mitchell, and Sensei Paul Reed, 2nd Dan.
Special thanks to Tom Jaworski for taking these amazing photos.

Chunin Jay Pierre with Hanbo, Sensei Paul Reed, 2nd Dan with Yarito and Jonin Trent Mitchell with Ninjato.


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