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Serving the community through the Sokudo Squad

Sokudo Display for a school


Sokudo is a Japanese word that means lightning. The Sokudo Squad was formed in 1990 as a display squad to allow members of the public to gain an insight into the physical techniques of the Ninjas. The Squad consists of highly trained members who are skilled in the many aspects of Ninjukai Taijutsu. Some are selected for their physical prowess in unarmed combat, some for their proficiency in weaponry while others for their mastery of spontaneity

The Squad has participated in many events, including touring schools and colleges, to allow students to understand the background of the Art.

The Sokudo Squad does not shirk from its responsibility to the community; it has made itself readily available to Charities. The Squad has participated in charitable functions organised by Telethon, the Lions Club, the Apex Club, Local Councils, Schools and other institutions.


Our Instructors are also available for self-defence workshops, from a two-hour session to multiple classes at our Dojo or on-site. These workshops can be customised to suit the needs of each student group. Often we are asked to teach groups that consists of people ranging in ages 18 to 55+ and with a great variance in fitness levels.

Ninjukai Taijutsu teaches with compassion and seeks to increase the potential of all people to protect themselves, not just those who already are gifted with natural strength and athleticism.

These workshops help increase the safety awareness of your personnel, provide a team-bonding experience & gives confidence to staff who may be required to work late or unsupervised.

Send an e-mail to us with your business or group needs and we can propose a workshop that will benefit all.

Corporate Self Defence Course

Our last workshop was for the staff of the Dept' of Housing on the 18th of June. Over five weeks they were shown the basics of Blocking & Striking, Locking techniques, Throws & Breakfalls and more.

Those who need our services can contact us via email at secretary@ninjukai.com.au

Ninjukai Taijutsu has a long history of conducting displays for a variety of groups.
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Grant certificate from TELSTRA

May, 2009

    As part of their community activities TELSTRA provides donations to non-profit groups that provide services for the community. The Australian Ninjukai Association submitted an application via Sensei Paul Reed to TELSTRA highlighting our years of participation in local fairs and community festivals which was accepted and resulted in a generous donation to allow our volunteer SOKUDO SQUAD members to continue giving their time.

Sensei Paul, Shihan John Ang and members with Grant Certificate

Recent Displays

Hyde Park Community Fair - 27th & 28th February 2010
Local events like Hyde Park are always a dream, the people are great and the community just loves the ninjas (i mean, who doesn't?). So when we weren't raiding the free samples at the Nandos marquee, the ninjas were making themselves the centre of attention all over the park by rolling out from behind stalls, and dropping out of trees. This event we were really wanting to pump the message of safety to the local crowd, so we represented this with a stall made up of wooden and rubber weapons. Mini displays were going on all day to the sounds of gasps and awe as some of the big throws made their landings felt. Good thing ninjas are unbreakable. Look for us again at Hyde Park next year!

Wai-Con Anime Festival - 23rd January 2010

Channel 7 Christmas Pagent - 6th December 2009.

Vic Park Mall Festival - 29th November 2009, a lead up to the Christmas Pagent

Maylands Peninsula Primary School - 25th October 2009

Curtin University - 16th October 2009

The Perth Royal Show 2009 - Ninjukai was proud to be invited back for another week at the 2009 Perth Royal Show.

A Review Of Selected Displays

23rd Aug 2009 Rotary Club Ballajura/Malaga Annual Fair
05th April 2009 Autumn Riverfest, City of Bayswater
7th March 2009 Dusk Bridal Expo, Perth Convention Center
1-2 March 2009 Hyde Park Community Fair
20 Feb 2009 City of Perth Family Night, Gloucester Park
01 Feb 2009 Wai-Con Anime Festival, Perth Convention Center
30 Jan 2009 Loftus Recreation Center - Holiday Program
04 June 2008 Central TAFE
29 Sep - 6 Oct '07   Royal Show 2007
30 Mar 2007 Careers Expo 2007
29 Mar 2007 Australian Islamic College
25 Feb 2007 Trinity College
17 Nov 2006 Mel Maria Catholic Primary School
19 May 2006 City Of Perth Fitness Expo 2006 - Forrest Chase
24 Apr 2006 Careers Expo 2006
05 May 2005 Careers Expo 2005
A review of selected events up to 2005
A review of selected events up to 2001