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WAI-CON 2009
Anime Festival, Perth Convention Center

    This display proved to be an enjoyable day for the members involved. Amongst the crowd of Cosplay enthusiasts (people dressed as popular anime characters or similar) our Ninjas blended in when normally we stand out like a sore thumb. Naruto ninja headbands were a popular item of apparel amongst the crowd.

    A Ninjukai stall was manned during the morning and afternoon as we explained to interested passers-by that they can experience the training they see through their favourite shows right here in East Perth at our Dojo, no previous experience required. Many interesting conversations were conducted as the crowd had a deep curiosity about the Art of Ninjukai Taijutsu and the wide variety of weaponry on display to look at.

    Towards the end of the afternoon the Sokudo team assembled at the main theatre to begin an hour long display of the Art through a 'Story' on the history of early Ninja evolution, narrated by Renshi Trent Mitchell. Throughout the audience there were gasps and cheers as our members slowly learnt to overcome their Samurai oppressors while still maintaining their humble origins

    The day overall was a great way to pass a hot & humid Sunday and we look forward to similar events in the future.