Current ICP Members

Senior Licensed Instructors
Second Dan
Sensei Paul Reed
Sensei Yari Kostecki
Sensei Tim Berndt

Licensed Instructors
First Dan

Renshi Mark Micallef
Renshi Dina King
Renshi Steve Smith
Renshi Stuart McIntyre
Renshi Sharon Morgan
Renshi Fred Pereira

Certified Instructors
N.Jonin Richard Fisher
N.Jonin Patrick Carey

Trainee Instructors
N.Chunin Peter Granheim
Chunin David Frank

 updated 01-June-2011 


The Australian Ninjukai Association (ANKA) is a non-profit organisation which has the responsibility of over-seeing the activities and the teachings of the art here in Australia.
All practitioners of the art are automatically members of the Association (ANKA).

Committees: Members are encouraged to assist with the running of events as well as have their input into the goings-on in the dojo.
Please see our Committees page for lists of current committees and committee members.


Once a member attains their Blue Belt, they are invited to become a Trainee Instructor and a member of the Instructors Certification Program (ICP). The ICP holds meetings three times a year, and technique workshops twice a year. All ICP Members must attend their meetings and technique workshops.


In the more than 20 years Ninjukai Taijutsu had been here in Perth, there have been many instances of unqualified, unlicensed and unauthorised ex-students opening up their own schools under many different names, like ZenTai Ninjutsu, Free Style Ninjutsu, Shizen Taijutsu etc.

It has also been brought to our attention that the meditation phrase (coined by the Shihan) of "Shin Sen Tai" AND his personally written calligraphy has been adopted by certain ex-members to brand their Art. While acknowledging that "Imitation is the highest form of flattery" the AUSTRALIAN NINJUKAI ASSOCIATION would like to inform these people that this a theft of Intellectual Property that can expose them to legal action.

Our concern is their claims of connection with our school, style and grandmaster. Some even carry fake certifications purportedly from our School. Many of these fly-by-night schools set up by our former students are teaching syllabuses, weaponries and meditation that are not approved or sanctioned by us, nor do they meet our standards requirement. The public should be warned about the dangers to their personal safety and well-being when joining schools of such dubious origins.

If you have any information about such ninjutsu or taijutsu schools that you would like to share with us, or if you need to confirm claims of connection with our school, or even clarification on certain issues, please email us at