The Annual Junior Camp

Juniors learning the etiquette of

  The highlight of the year is the ANNUAL JUNIOR CAMP, where the Juniors participate in a Day Camp in a bushland environment. Here they learn to respect and understand nature, while at the same time they start to realise that the Dojo is more than just training area within the confines of the four walls. Training with the surroundings constitutes an important aspect of Ninjukai training. While the adults have the Annual Bush Camp to go to, the Juniors in turn have their Annual Camp.

  Over the years many venues have been selected to conduct these camps - including Garvey Park, Camp Simon, John Forrest National Park and Kings Park. These locations are carefully selected for their natural bush settings in order to allow the Juniors to better experience the blending of techniques with the surroundings. One can be taught techniques in the mat area in a dojo - but one can never experience the full spontaneity of the techniques unless one can experience their execution in a more random setting like the bushland.

Junior Camp 2008

  This camp was run on the 8th of November. Junior members & their guests gathered for a day of outdoor technique training. Under a clear sky our young ninjas worked hard to earn points for their home clan (Fujiwara, Minamoto or Taira).

Juniors showing their physical prowess
                            at camp

Junior Camp 2007

  As part of the training in Ninjukai Taijutsu we attempt to broaden the understanding of students in the application of their techniques in a natural environment i.e., outside the Dojo walls. This allows us to demonstrate how nature, such as our terrain, space, trees etc have an influence on our techniques. It also allows the instructors to undertake other training programs in both weaponry and un-armed techniques that are not possible within the Dojo.