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3rd Awards Ceremony 2006

The Junior Sokudo Squad
The Junior Sokudo Squad
Items On Auction Items on auction, with raffle prize
Guests were welcome to make use of the padded mats and pool noodles laid out in the corridor.

The Sokudo Squad get extra classes, do displays, and they cater!

2006's 3rd awards dinner was also held to celebrate Ninjukai's 19th anniversary in Australia. The event was organised and by Genins Jon and Donna Fahie, assisted by Genins Scott Westley, Shane De Gooch and The Sokudo Squad. Thats right, the Sokudo Squad recieve extra training classes, participate in displays, and now they cater! The event was held at The Niche function room in Nedlands, close to the city. Guests were welcome to wear themed attire, such as ninjas, samurai or geisha.

The event included a full Sokudo Squad Demonstration, including a very special display by the Junior Sokudo Squad.

Following the display, dinner was followed by an awards ceremony where members who had graded were awarded certificates by Shihan. The quizzes and other challenges were fun for Ninjukai members and their guests.

Silent Auction & Raffle
A silent auction was held to raise funds with items kindly donated by generous supporters. The items auctioned off included a rare copy of BLITZ magazine, with Shihan John Ang on the cover, signed by himself. Raffled off was a Katana, Wakizashi and Tanto with stand, pictured right.

The Junior Sokudo Squad The Junior Sokudo Squad