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Saturday Evening - 23rd May 2009

    The Osborne Park Bowling Clubs function room was packed with our members and guests, who gathered ready to enjoy another Social Event. Once everyone was gathered a well catered dinner with desert was served then the main events began. The audience was treated to music, drama, comedy and a very polished video presentation.

    We also had a raffle consisting of two amazing statues - a Samurai Warrior and a Happy Buddha donated by Jonin Patrick Carey from - Prime Liquidations -. Grading certificates were presented by the Shihan to members attending the night as well. Congratulations to Renshi Trent Mitchell, N.Genin David Maloney, Chermine Davies, Suzanne Levey and the Sokudo Squad amongst others for successfully organising a great night out.

We booked the acts and the members responded. It was a full house with 150 in attendance.

There were MC's aplenty to announce the entertainment,
and being an 'Entertainment Extravaganza' we had many acts on display.

The formalities included presentation of grading certificates by the Shihan.